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Spot Prizes

Spot prizes are generously provided by local businesses. Note: spot prizes cannot be exchanged for cash or other goods unless stated on voucher. Competitors must have competed in the event and be at the prize giving to be eligible for major spot prizes. All competitors in the Motu Multisport Challenge, the Duathlon and the Motu 160 are eligible for all spot prizes.

Category Prizes

Trophies will be awarded for category winners

Prize for breaking course record

The prize for breaking a course record by the most time will receive a $3000 cash cheque (2019).


Terms and conditions apply:

•All race rules apply.

•No drafting behind Motu 160 competitors in the road cycle stages.

•There is only one prize for breaking the record.

•Should more than one team or individual break the record the prize will go to the team or individual that broke the record by the most time.

•If the men's and women's record are both beaten on the same day the team that beats their gender record by the most wins the prize.

•A mixed team would need to beat the overall course record to qualify.

•The men's team record set in 2001 by Spokes Cycles/Century 21 is 6 hours 21 minutes and 14 seconds.

•The women's team record set in 2008 by Beach Turtles is 8 hours 15 minutes and 18 seconds.

•The men's individual record set in 2013 by Richard Ussher is 7 hours 7 minutes and 30 seconds

•The women's individual record set in 2017 by Elina Ussher is 7 hours 58 minutes and 59 seconds

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