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Unsupported individuals and shuttle service

You want to enter as an individual (Motu 160 or Duathlon) but haven't got a support crew, worry no more, we have a solution. The team at Motu Trails Bike Hire and Shuttle Service will happily transport your road bike and gear bag to T1 (Motu village). For a fee of $50 they will take the stress out of your day. Once you arrive at T1 they will greet you and help you with the transition, then they will safely transport your mountain bike back to the start in Opotiki.


This service can be ordered through the online entry process.

5 person teams

The relay mountain biker will need to get themselves to Toa Toa. 35km from the start line. They must leave before the race starts. Once the first mountain biker hands over to the second mountain biker, the first rider will remain at Toa Toa until the last mountain biker goes past and then proceed onto to Transition 1 at the Motu Village, following tail end charlie. Please make sure that Mountain Biker one has warm clothes and food/water as they will be waiting at Toa Toa for some time. Likewise mountain biker number two will need some kit as they will be waiting for the slowest rider and then will drive to Motu village.

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