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Declaration accepting the terms and conditions of entry


This declaration outlines the terms and conditions that all participants accept when completing their entry forms (online or paper entry).

1. That we (all team members or individual) have read and understood the Rules of the Challenge, and agree to be bound by them including any modifications subsequently advised prior to the race or contained in the race pack(s).

2. That participating in the Challenge might cause serious injury, damage to property, cause trauma to friends and family spectating.

3. That we participate in the Challenge entirely at our own risk.

4. That we will not make any claim against organisers, sponsors or its agents for any injury in connection with our participating in the Challenge, regardless of how the injury, damage, loss or expense occurs whether through the negligence of organisers, sponsors or their agents.

5. That we shall advise the organisers of any existing medical condition that may affect us and consent to receiving any medical attention which organisers or its officials deem necessary in the circumstances.

6. That any photos and videos taken of us together with our names may be used by Multisport Opotiki Inc. and its sponsors for promotional purposes.

7. That we indemnify event organisers, sponsors and their agents against all claims, damages, losses or expenses which they may incur as the direct or indirect result of any injury, damage to any property, trauma to my friends and family.

8. That we are aware of and understand the Challenge rules in relation to late entries and no refunds.

9. We acknowledge that the Challenge judges’ decision shall be final.

10. I am the authorised agent of any member of my team.


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