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What do surveying and engineering have in common with multisport - Lysaght!

It's a funny question to me but to the team at Lysaght multisport is in their DNA. Well maybe not their DNA but it's probably on the noticeboard in the office. Lysaght Consultants are sponsoring the youth categories of the Motu Challenge so I asked them why. This is their reply.

At Lysaght we encourage each other to keep active bodies and minds. The company promotes and funds sporting events such as multi-sport races, local sporting events and general day to day exercise for health and wellbeing. The company ethos is work hard, play hard, and treat your clients and each other the way you think they would like to be treated. Have fun, stay fit, healthy and challenged. Our company motto is “Be the solution not the problem”

When the Lysaght team were asked ‘should we sponsor the youth section in the Motu and why’, this is what some of them said.

“Yes we should. We need youth so they can look after us when we get old, plus it feels good”

“Yes, even though the little whipper snappers will probably kick our butts”

“It gets the young guns enthused and possibly makes it easier or cheaper or better? Multisport is expensive we all know that so every bit helps”

“It is a good idea, since those young fast fellas are going to going flying past anyway, they may as well do it with Lysaght supporting them”

“Yes, because sending weak young boys and girls down a technically challenging river in tiny unstable boats is a worthy cause”

“Yep it’s a good idea to get kids outdoors and active”

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